free webmaster resources, free web site templates
free webmaster resources
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free webmaster resources
free webmaster resources, free web site templates
free webmaster resources, free web site templates

Welcome to 1st Webmaster Free Resources

Search Engines

Search Engines List

Scroll down below the Search Engine List for Real Time Keyword Tools

IXQUICK Top Searches - Top 100 Search Terms, top 1000 search terms, top 10,000 search terms.
Current Excite searches - Interesting if you want to see what searchers are looking for right now. Search engine data is updated in real time on this page to show you what people are searching for on the Excite search engine.
AltaVista Real Searches - Searches being conducted in real time on the AltaVista Search Engine.
Ask Jeeves Peek - Take a peek at the searches that Ask Jeeves users are amking right now.
Top 50 Lycos Searches - This useful page lists the top 50 searches for the previous week on the Lycos Search Engine. Some expected searches stay top of the search engine list for weeks, like Britney Spears and Kazaa. Others are a bit of a surprise - check this search engine tool at Lycos for yourself.
MetaSpy - Gives you results from several of the top search engines. Also lets you choose between a filtered and non-filtered (grown-up) version. Pages currently refresh every 15 seconds so you can relax and just watch what everyone is searching for on the World Wide Web Search Engines.
Google Zeitgeist - Google Zeitgeist - Search patterns, trends, and surprises according to Google. Updated on a weekly (and sometimes daily basis) this page shows declining and ascending trends in the Google Search Engine searches.
Yahoo Buzz Index - The Yahoo Buzz Index shows current searches and movers up and down.
Search Engine IP Addresses - Search engine IP addresses are handy to know for a number of reasons. You might want to see when your web site was spidered by search engines. You might want to know which pages where spidered. You might want to ban some bots and let others in. You might want to see which bots are obeying your robots.txt files. You might want to redirect bots to other pages or serve them different content (cloaking).

Webmaster Articles

Here is my wisdom .... :-)

Whilst researching for this site and maintaining the other free sites I run, I have found time to write some articles to help other webmasters (hopefully). Enjoy.

Note: This is a work in progress and I am adding new articles to the pages as we go along.

Here we have collected in one place the best FREE Webmaster Software, FREE Webmaster Services, and FREE Webmaster Resources on the World Wide Web.

Check out the navigation on the right. Each page is full of FREE Software, FREE Online Services and FREE links that will help maintain, develop, improve and promote your website Free!

Looking for WS FTP or Free FTP Software?
Looking for Irfan View or Free Graphics Software?
Looking for Free Site Templates?
Looking for free Promotion and Submission Software?
Looking for free Animated Gifs?
Looking for free Graphics?
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They are all here! Free Webmaster Resources

Just SOME of the free resources we have listed on this FREE web site:

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free webmaster resources, free web site templates
free webmaster resources, free web site templates
free webmaster resources, free web site templates

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free webmaster resources

free webmaster resources
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free webmaster resources
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