free webmaster resources, free web site templates
free webmaster resources
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free webmaster resources
free webmaster resources, free web site templates
free webmaster resources, free web site templates

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Resources for creating and checking your .htaccess file

Using the .htaccess File - You can do many custom configurations for your site with the use of the .htaccess file. This is a plain text file that should be placed in your home directory on your site to achieve a variety of effects. Included in this page are many directives you can use to do things like serve a custom .html page when a user types in a nonexistent page on your site rather than the default 404 error message.
Using .htaccess Files with Apache - Customising Apache Functionality at the Directory Level. One of the most common needs Webmasters have is to cause the Web server to handle all the documents in a particular directory, or tree of directories, in the same way -- such as requiring a password before granting access to any file in the directory, or allowing (or disallowing) directory listings. However, this need often extends to more than just the Webmaster; consider students on a departmental Web server at a university, or individual customers of an ISP, or clients of a Web-hosting company. This article describes how the Webmaster can extend permission to tailor Apache's behaviour to users, allowing them to have some control over how it handles their own sub-areas of its total Web-space. This article shows how you can use per-directory configuration files, called .htaccess files, to customise Apache behaviour -- or allow your users to do so for their own documents.
.htaccess And .htpasswd Tools - .htaccess And .htpasswd Tools. This page has a useful free online tool to create .htaccess and .htpassword files. Just select by ticking the checkboxes whether you want Directory Listing, Custom Error Pages, Password Protection, Web Page Redirection, Prevent Hotlinking/Protect Images and to Block IP's. The tool will automatically create a correct .htaccess filke based on the information you have provided. There is also a .htpassword tool (free) where you enter a username and password and the script will automatically create the required text for adding to your .htpassword file. Note: The correct nomenclature for the file is .htpasswd NOT .htpassword!
Encrypted Password Generator for .htpasswd file - Encrypted Password Generator for .htpasswd file. The form at this website is used to generate an encrypted password for the .htpasswd file. It returns a line containing the entered "userid" and encrypted password, both separated by a ":". Cut and paste this line into the .htpasswd file. This free .htpassword gernerator is very easy to use.
.htpasswd Password Generator - free .htpasswd Password Generator. This page will allow you to simply enter a username and password and your .htpasswd file is automatically created in the correct format.
.htaccess - .htaccess guide and examples.
Apache .Htaccess Summary - Apache .Htaccess Summary.
.htaccess password generator - This page lets you create the passwords that you need for restricting access to certain people on your WWW pages.
.htaccess help - Create a mod_rewrite, .htaccess or analog.cfg file with your selection of user agents.

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Here is my wisdom .... :-)

Whilst researching for this site and maintaining the other free sites I run, I have found time to write some articles to help other webmasters (hopefully). Enjoy.

Note: This is a work in progress and I am adding new articles to the pages as we go along.

Here we have collected in one place the best FREE Webmaster Software, FREE Webmaster Services, and FREE Webmaster Resources on the World Wide Web.

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free webmaster resources, free web site templates
free webmaster resources, free web site templates
free webmaster resources, free web site templates

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free webmaster resources

free webmaster resources
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